BMG’s uniquely codified best practices milestones and red flags in venture and unit development frameworks is the result of more than 20 years spent watching corporate venturing stop-start cycles and unrealistic pressures for results.

Our approach is evidence-based because we firmly believe that the ‘devil is in the [operational] details’. These best practices frameworks, systems, and engagement methodologies help global 1000 corporations speed the impact of venturing and innovation, both within their enterprises and on the world stage, building new businesses that will fuel their growth.

Bell Mason CV&I Unit Development Framework

Consulting framework for corporate venture capital

The Bell Mason 4 Phase Framework for CV&I Unit Development describes 12 dimensions (e.g. Business Plan, Portfolio Strategy, Funding, Governance) that represent best practice requirements that teams should address in each phase of development.

These requirements are evaluated through a series of Yes/No evidence based questions that are specific to each Phase. The Bell Mason Group has used this Framework to evaluate and make recommendations for more than 100 CV&I Units within Global 1000 corporations

But simply implementing best practice frameworks and systems will not ensure successful venturing and innovation in global corporations. It takes experience to quickly operationalize and tailor our systems for each unique business process and corporate culture.

Speed and agility also matters. BMG provides the know-how to overcome corporate barriers and inoculate against cultural antibodies when CV&I units are established, and as they scale and make an impact.
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The Bell Mason Venture Development Framework

Framework for corporate venturing and corporate innovation programs

The Bell Mason Framework for Corporate Venture Development describes the 5 Phase process that is customized both for building incubated ventures within a corporation or for a portfolio company investment by a corporate CVC unit.

Unlike traditional product development stage/gate processes, this Framework describes best practice requirements by stage for the entire venture business, not just for the product, and does not impose corporate requirements and overhead that stifle the agility that growing ventures need. The Framework has been used to evaluate more than 2000 ventures and has been licensed worldwide for due diligence, management and reporting for portfolios of incubated and CVC venture investments.

Bell Mason Group works with clients to customize and apply what we’ve learned and the operating processes we’ve developed to build sustainable venturing groups across a range of industries and venturing models.
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