Consulting for corporate venture capital, corporate ventures, and corporate innovation programs

Today, forward-looking companies are building corporate venturing and innovation (CV&I) programs that may charter one or more corporate venturing models (e.g., CVC, Incubation, Commercial Piloting, Venturing Center of Excellence, and Business & Innovation Partnering) to address different but complementary and progressively co-dependent objectives. At each phase in their development, CV&I programs typically face challenges related to strategy, governance, reporting, staffing, funding and operations. While these challenges are common across companies, they also are deeply influenced by CV&I program type, industry sector and, perhaps most importantly, by corporate culture.

BMG’s mission and vision has always been to uniquely enable corporations to build effective, sustainable corporate venturing and innovation capabilities/operations that boost their ability to compete and grow in the face of increasingly punishing rates of technological and business model changes.
In order to deliver on this mission, BMG has spent decades developing potent methodologies and frameworks to systematically track and analyze the practices and contexts that lead to success, as well as those that don’t. Our founding belief is that learning from the best practices and experiences of others holds the key to:

  • Accelerating CV&I program development and time to impact
  • Minimizing internal friction and program ‘antibodies’ that are barriers to operating success
  • Managing risk and unwanted exposure to the parent company brand and market position

From a continually evolving platform of BMG ‘codified’ best practices, BMG has created and rigorously tuned a portfolio of products and services for CV&I programs in real-world environments. Our licensable methodologies, processes, executive development, and advisory support services enable client teams to materially accelerate impact of CV&I programs and teams, at every stage of program establishment, expansion and institutionalization.